Our Products

In the livestock industry we are an expert and dedicated producer of fat feeds. We are fortunate to be situated in Malaysia where there is an abundance of palm oil. Hence, being within a proximity of palm oil processing facilities has enabled us to become one of the largest plant-based fat feeds in Asia, in response to the increasing demand from the dairy world.

About Us

Supplifeed is a supplier of high-performance additives and ingredients to the animal feed industry. Supplifeed products and technical expertise help our customers maximize the quality of their feeds, while lowering costs and increasing profits.

What is Ruminants Fat

Rumen protected fats are commercially manufactured fat products that contain different fatty acids. The contents are neither chemically or physically treated so they don’t interact with rumen microbes and pass through the rumen unaltered. This ensures a healthy rumen environment while supplying extra energy. These dry fats are processed to be easily handled and mixed into all animal feeds. Because of their high energy density, rumen protected fats are excellent sources of energy in dairy rations specially in early lactation period when dry matter intake is limited, and cows are confronted with a lack of energy. Adding rumen protected fat to a dairy cow’s diet will increase milk production. Especially for heifers or dry cows it will enables them to maintain body conditions during the feed deficit or in excessive weather conditions.